August 22 2014, 10am

Translation “What reflects in those eyes…” by “tometo”



Title: What reflects in those eyes…
Author/Circle: tometo
Translator: milleandra
RAW scans: ninaleena
Typesetting: laomedei
Number of pages and rating: pg55/R-18(+G) 
Language: English
Paring: Titans x Eren, Levi x Eren(consensual)
Buy it here: TORANOANA

WARRNING!!! NON-CON between titans and Eren + GORE elements. This dj is really Isayama like.

If you are still up to it, it’s up to you to see the rest…

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August 20 2014, 4pm

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August 20 2014, 4pm

New game - The Girl with Sword’s Prince



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